Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sony Cybershot S500

Sony Cybershot S500
-6MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom

I have used Sony camcorder for sometime and loved it, so i was biased to buy Sony. I liked this camera mostly because of the price and brand. It takes good pictures outdoor in normal mode. The battery life is good and Sony recommends using rechargeable batteries. I also bought a 1GB card, got a nice deal on it. With a 1GB card, in excess of 300 photos can be taken.
Good macro shots.
Ease of use/ no setting required.

After about a month of usage, am not really happy with this.
  1. It doesn't have a timestamp feature, meaning when saving pictures to computer it doesn't imprint the date/time. You can may find some tools to get after u download.
  2. In the night mode/Slow flash mode the picture is ALWAYS blurred. The object being photograph has to be dead still, any slight movement and the photo will be blurred. I had similar features on other brands/Sony camera and use to like it a lot.
  3. I couldn't turn the flash off for taking pictures thru glass or of reflective objects( i didn't read the manual, this may be available).
  4. Not the best if you want to 'picture' moving objects, kids or sports.
  5. Is very basic camera, not many/any features at all.

It works but I don't like it. My wouldn't recommend it unless this is your very first digital
camera and you just need a cheap/brand camera.

Macro picture:

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