Sunday, July 29, 2007


OpenSpan -
This is a new tool/product am currently working on. This is a nice desktop integration application. I happen to like the features/ease by which it can intrograte data from applications and seamlessly integrate multiple applications. This is like greasemonkey for enterprise to script large and small applications together.

1. Application integration
2. Create composite desktop, or virtual applications.
3. Easy to use and learn. Is completely visual drag/drop development. Definitely fun!!
4. Easy to deploy.

I have got a list. Checking to see if it can't be done or am missing it :)

Mytake: Definetly a nice tool to have, and consider when designing/developing new systems. With the simplicity that OpenSpan provides, Enterprise can definelty 'mashup' new workflows or virtually integrated application in no time. But I dont see these or recommend this being a long term solution. Am not sure if its feasible to be designed as a long term solution without becoming a maintaince nightmare!! I will take time to review this product in more indepth sooon...