Friday, January 12, 2007


Internationlization i18n in progress
  1. State 3 aspects as to why an application may need to be varied or customized in different deployment locales.
  2. Match the functionality, description or purpose of the following(7): Properties,Locale,ResourceBundle, Unicode, Java.text package ,InputStreamReader and OutputStreamReader.
i18n refers to creating a program that doesnt have information hardcoded into it.
Localization describes the process of configuring an internationalized(i18n) program to a particular region or culture.

Whats to be internationalized.
  • Languages used for messages.
  • Parameter substitution order in message.
  • Languages used in parameter in messages.
  • Numeric/Currency/Date formats.
  • Colors/Symbols

These notes are from SCEA guide by Mark Cade. My review of this book.

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